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UPDATE - 02/23/2003
The sample songs that were on this site before have been replaced with ones that actually work. Sorry that they didnt work for... Well, for the last 5 years. Check out the Stuff page to hear them.

New Pictures Uploaded!
I finally got those pictures I took at the last Eugene Readymen show posted, and there's a pile of them - So many, I gave them their own page. To check them out, click here.

Important Announcement

For the past 5 years or so, The Readymen have been one of Oregon's strongest and best Punk-Ska bands. Unfortunately, that's all at an end. The Readymen have officially broken up.

So what happened? Well, I suppose it was just time to move on. The band has been together for quite awhile, and there have been a lot of setbacks. Problems with touring (like having an engine blow up - That's not a good thing when you're a small DIY band), problems with labels (like not getting the money and promotion that they were promised for their last tour)... And myriads of other problems. But basically, it was just time to move on.

While the band was getting ready to move to San Francisco, they took a little vacation, and had time to think. J.P. is looking towards a possible career in Motorcycle racing. Alex is going to an Audio Engineering School. Dustin is living in San Francisco (I don't know what he's doing at this point). Brendan has moved to New York, where he's continuing to play guitar, and possibly join another band.

Anyway, to all those people out there who sent me e-mail asking for Readymen related info, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted. My most sincere apologies. But I don't feel like the page is quite finished yet, even if the band is... I have a few pages that I started making some major revisions on, but never finished. If there appears to be enough interest, I'll try my best to get that stuff done.

Another announcement! The page has been relocated to Tripod. Frankly, since the band is no longer together, I decided it would be best for me if I cleared out my web space and moved the site to this Tripod space, which was set up for this purpose. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone.

The Eugene Register Guard interviewed The Readymen in an article published 7/3/98. The article talks a bit about the band. To check it out, click Here.

Rock and Roll R.I.P. webzine did a great interview with three out of four Readymen, to read it, click Here.

Bands and people across the country helped them out on their last tour - To check out the thank you list in progress, click here.

Their latest CD is called Restless, and it's on Kingpin Records. They also have another CD, called Show Hall Bound and also currently avaliable from Kingpin, and a 7" called Factory, available from Illumination Records. They've also got some stuff on a bunch of comps. To hear a few songs (in RealAudio format) or find out more about their recordings and band history in general, click here.

I now have lyrics up for every album The Readymen have released so far, even the impossible to get ones. To check out the lyrics and see what the band is writing about, click here.

I took a lot of pictures at the final Eugene Readymen show, at John Henry's on July 31st, 1998, and I finally got them uploaded. To see them and other pictures of the Readymen performing live, click here. And if you happen to have any pictures of the Readymen, I'd sure love to get copies.

To visit some other cool pages that deal with punk and/or ska, click here. There are even some other Readymen pages to check out!

The guestbook is finally working! Unfortunately, I've given up on trying to make a CGI guestbook and gone ahead and used a Guestworld guestbook. It was just the only way there was gonna be a guestbook on this page.


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