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I was gonna just put a few pictures up here, but I figured, hell, the band is broken up and you won't get to see them play live again... So here's a big old PILE of readymen Pictures from their last show in Eugene, at John Henry's. After this show, they played one more at La Luna in portland. If anyone has pix, I'd love to post them. Some of these pictures are really overexposed - Sorry about that.

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The Final Eugene Readymen Show



The Readymen are...
[Alex - J.P. - Dustin - Brendan]

Alex is the Bass player for the Readymen, and J.P.'s brother. Despite the fact he hadn't been playing that long, he learns very quickly, and when he joined the group it added a new dimension to their music.
[Alex drinking beer]

[Alex rocking out]

[Alex being more prophetic
than he knew]

J.P. - Drummer, driver, mechanic and all around good guy. Plays super fast accurate drums while barely breaking a sweat.
[JP Working his charm with a

[JP playing drums]

[JP playing drums again]

Dustin is so mellow and quiet in person, it's hard to believe how much energy he has bottled up in there. Put him on stage and stand back. Also did most of the artwork for the band. The person who reviewed the band for the Eugene Register Guard called dustin the "Weak Link" - She had no idea what she was saying, in my opinion.
[Dustin looking surprised]

[Dustin rocks]

[Dustin rocks harder]

[Dustin and
Brendan rock together]

[Weak Link Destroys]

Brendan - He's a phenomenal guitarist, whether he believes it or not. Also responsible for writing the music to a good sized chunk of the Readymen songs.
[Lonny and Brendan
talking before the show]

[Brendan getting into the

[brendan and dustin
getting into it]

Together... They Are... (Dun dun duuuhhnnnn) THE READYMEN.
[The Readymen]
[The Readymen again]

It was always a tradition when the Readymen played John Henry's - At the end of the set, Bruce, The owner of the club (and former member of the Detonators) would get up on stage and do a few numbers with the band. The Detonators may be no more, but Bruce has still got it. Here's a good sampling of the result of mixing Bruce's energy witht hat of the Readymen.
[Who rocks? Bruce

[Dustin on Bruce's

[Dustin on Bruce's
shoulders again]

[Alex! What's wrong?]


[Bruce has a definite
effect on Alex.]

I was going to do some spiffy animations with these pictures of the Readymen tour van (The Nacho) to use as a header for the list of bookings on their next tour. Since they're not going on tour again, the pictures live here.
[The Nacho.] [3/4 Profile Nacho.]