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[Thank You]

The Readymen just returned from a whirlwind nationwide tour. Despite the fact that a lot of stuff went wrong, they still had a good time, played a bunch of good shows {and bad}, made some new friends and renewed some old friendships. This is the list of people that the readymen would like to thank, and why. If one of the bands is playing in your area, do yourself a favor and see them. If you know any of these people, count yourself lucky. If you're not on this list, don't feel bad - it's being constantly updated as band members probe alchohol fogged memories.

  • 3-Ball Combo - Good friends from way back, set us up with a great show, place to stay and got us wasted.

  • 78 RPM's - Awesome, Awesome people, great band, and they also happen to run the best record label in ska, {Dill}.

  • Bad Sushi - We played a horrible show at a horrible place in Detriot called Pharaoh's, and when we made no money they gave us their cut of the door and let us crash with them. Super nice guys.

  • Blacklist - Oi street punk from Denver. Super nice guys helped to set us up with a show.

  • Hoff House - From Tuscon. Thanks to them and the entire tuscon crew for taking care of us.

  • Javachrist - Our friends in Nashville who took us out and showed us the South the way it was meant to be experienced and set us up with shows. Great band, check 'em out!

  • Poppa Bekowies and D.H. Dillon - Good food, nice place to stay, hospitality, taking promo shots, and Love.

  • Rice House - From Little Rock, AR, who fed us and let us crash for five days when our shows fell through

  • The Beat-Downs - Midwestern Ska. We played a show with them and they hooked us up with a place to crash. Cool people.

  • Workin' Stiffs - Good Band, nice guys. Mentioned us in one of their songs [Petaluma Riot City].

    Thanks everyone... This list is Alphabetical, not by preference. This page isn't comprehensive - there's no way to thank all the people who helped out. Thanks to everyone.

    This page last updated Saturday, June 6, 1998.