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UPDATE: 07/30/2005

Wow, there have been quite a few hits on this website in the past few months (200 hits in the past month alone, which is impressive for a band that doesn't exist anymore). I thought it would be good to update the code, clean it up a bit, and do some updates on what the band is doing now.


JumpStart Records has released a " CD called "Discography" - no self-respecting Readymen fan should be without it - it contains every song they recordd before the Restless CD, and has tracks from the completely unavaliable Chitz Split and Factory 7", as well as the Show Hall Bound CD. Go to their website and order it, get a T-Shirt while you're there, and other stuff.


For 5 years or so, The Readymen were one of Oregon's strongest and best Punk-Ska bands, going on nationwide tours and gaining fans across the country. Just when it seemed they were about to really get big, it came to a stop. It was a good run, but all things must end eventually.

Dustin was always the lead vocalist, Solomon was the original bassist. They took Brendan on as their lead guitarist, and eventually J.P. joined the ranks as their drummer. In this form, they went for several years, cranking out a demo tape, a split LP with a band called The Chitz, a CD (Show Hall Bound) and a 3 song 7" called Factory.

Shortly after the Factory 7" was finished, the band was thrown into turmoil. Solomon - one of the founding members of the band - decided to leave. As far as I understand it, he just decided that he didn't want to devote as much time as was necessary to the band. He had other things planned in his life, and had been offered a good job testing video games, and he took it.

It was almost certain that the band was going to break up at this point, when J.P.'s brother, Alex, jumped in to fill Solomon's sizeable shoes. The Factory 7" was released, and the band continued on.

They released one CD with Alex on bass (Restless), and signed with a new label (having had problems with their previous label). Unfortunately, their label problems continued, and their final tour was largely unsupported by the label - they found themselves without merchandise to sell on the road, which is really how bands support themselves on tour (ticket prices really don't cover much).

The nightmarish tour over, they decided to take a vacation from the band, and everyone went their seperate ways... And never really came back. The band had been through a lot, and although they had a growing fan-base, it was difficult to continue without label support, and the stresses of day-to-day band life eventually took its toll.


Last I heard, Dustin was in New York City. I don't know what he's doing these days, I'll update this as soon as I have more information.

Brendan and J.P. are currently playing in the Brooklyn, NY band The Stockyard Stoics - they've toured the U.S. and Europe, and have a tour of South America lined up as of this writing.

Alex is teaching - I'll get more specific soon.

Solomon's whereabouts are unknown, hopefully he's happy wherever he is and whatever he's doing.

The Eugene Register Guard interviewed The Readymen in an article published 7/3/98. The article talks a bit about the band. To check it out, click Here.

Rock and Roll R.I.P. webzine did a great interview with three out of four Readymen, to read it, click Here.

Bands and people across the country helped them out on their last tour - To check out the thank you list in progress, click here.

Their currently avaliable CD is the newly released Discography, avaliable from JumpStart Records.. They've also got some stuff on a bunch of comps. To hear a few songs (in MP3 format) or find out more about their recordings and band history in general, click here.

I now have lyrics up for every album The Readymen have released so far, even the impossible to get ones. To check out the lyrics and see what the band is writing about, click here.

I took a lot of pictures at the final Eugene Readymen show, at John Henry's on July 31st, 1998, and I finally got them uploaded. To see them and other pictures of the Readymen performing live, click here. And if you happen to have any pictures of the Readymen, I'd sure love to get copies.

To visit some other cool pages that deal with punk and/or ska, click here. There are even some other Readymen pages to check out!

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